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SPS Strydom Wear Clothing includes the following products: Men’s and women’s sports wear, Urban Street wear, Muay Thai wear, Boxing wear, MMA wear, Karate wear, Beach wear and Fashion wear.

GStar is a logo Gary uses to list other existing brands that he EXPORTS to the customers he already has for Strydom Wear/SPS and private label.

Clothing Factory is our private label service which is an exclusive American clothing manufacturer in Asia.(With over 20 years of experience.)

You might have seen this logo on Gary’s Facebook profiles as it represents his online coaching serive which is available now for clients world wide.

Cell phone videos are a serious tool that can be used effectively with respects to Online Coaching. Gary uses videos to instruct and teach his Online Coach clients.

Strydom Cuisines is all about Gary’s meals, recipes and nutrition. Its designed to give his clients a chance to show their meals and encourage people to shop for their food and cook for themselves and loved ones.

Cycles is about steroid usage. I don’t encourage people to use steroids but I do tell people the truth about what I do and don’t do and feel that in do so I prevent others to make the right decision and be safe.

Gary Strydom knows what it takes to lose weight, gain muscle, and get in the best shape possible. He has reinvented himself unlike most old school athletes in the sport of professional bodybuilding

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